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Annette Cleveland’s Top Priorities

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Quality Education
While the Legislature took steps to meet our constitutional duty to amply fund basic K-12 education (McLeary court case), we must continue working to ensure equity and equal access to education across our state.
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Transportation Infrastructure
While contentious politics got in the way, I still believe the I-5 bridge replacement is the single most important need our community faces. I will not give up until together, we can find a path forward for replacement of the antiquated Interstate Bridge.
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Affordable Housing
As the current Chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, I distinctly understand the importance of housing as being foundational to health. Housing stability, quality, safety, and affordability all affect health outcomes.
Senator Cleveland for Seniors
Meet Annette Cleveland

Over the past decade, I've had the privilege of serving the 49th district and the vibrant Vancouver community. Let's unite and foster trust, respect, and open communication to achieve lasting prosperity together. Join me in shaping a better tomorrow.

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